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Tigger tinda

tigger tinda

with your neighbors and the world! The Tigger melon was originally discovered in ancient western Armenia near the Tigris River. About 391 days ago, 7/12/17, spotter's comments : Tigger Melon spotted at Santa Monica Farmers Market. Once cut, melon should be kept refrigerated in a sealed container to prevent it from absorbing the flavor of other items it is stored with. Stuff melon halves with yogurt, cheese or other chopped fruit and nuts as a breakfast or dessert. Applications, the Tigger melon is often described as a personal melon as a result of its petite size, which makes it ideal halved and served as a one or two serving melon. Is a chef doing things with shaved fennel that are out of this world? The melon's creamy, off-white flesh is juicy and sweet with a flavor that has been compared to that of Asian pear and cantaloupe. Bakersfield, near Santa Monica, California, United States.

Tigger, melon Information, Recipes and Facts - Specialty Produce

tigger tinda

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The Tigger melon has not experienced the same hybridization and commercialization as many other netted melons and watermelons have. Tigger melons will grow to be approximately the size of a softball and weigh a modest one pound when fully mature. Santa Monica Farmers Market, steve Murray. Growing on climbing vines the petite size of the Tigger melon makes it ideal for trellising allowing it to be grown in relatively small spaces. Current Facts, a member of the Cucurbitaceae family, the Tigger melon, is of the species Cucumis melo and is an heirloom variety muskmelon. One is easiest, three is harder. Tigger melons will keep at room temperature until ripe then in the refrigerator for up puede banearte tinder to one week.

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tigger tinda

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